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''Our planet... a sophisticated ecosystem which ows its origin to the logic of harmony, a frail balance which we are endangering. If you want to take care of ourselves, we have to take care of what is surrounding us first."


This sentence was told by an illuminated collegue of ours and we’ve decided to endorse it in order to actually improve our commitment to preserve in the best way possible everthing thas was given to us.


The first thing that we’ve done was that of involve everyone, without impositions, but by creating a common awareness that only the commitment of the single can contribute to the wellness of our planet.


After that the water, our most viable resource, for which we have equipped every sink with flow reducers.




We’ve tried to eliminate the usage of plastic bottles by gifting to each of our guest a practicle reusable bottle for which we also offer free access to fill it again with fresh or sparkling water.


The light comes next, which is an important element for an hotel, but that doesn’t justify the waste of it. The lighting of the communal areas is activated only by the passage of the guests, while in the rooms it turns off when they are not inside.

The hotel is equipped with photovoltaic pannels in order to generate at least a part of the necessary electric energy, while for the hot water we also make usage of solar pannels.


Another important factor that we have considered is that one of being able to move around and to visit the area without polluting; hence we provide our guests with free bicycles.

Fresh foods

Respecting the new measures against covid 19, we will try to provide loose and fresh products in order to decrease the production of plastic waste.